Our Products

You won’t see a long list of products in our shop, because before being entrepreneurs we are PARENTS and we create and design our products inspired by our baby’s needs. Before R. was born we made a long list and headed to the biggest shop in town with baby care products. We chose what we thought we would need at that time, using also a lot of information that we found online or in parenting magazines. We realized later that we didn’t even use some of them. That maybe they were useful and suitable for other families, but did not meet our needs or expectations. I guess we all went through the same, right? We tested a lot of products and appreciated many of them, but in some cases we never found THAT product that we were looking for, so we made it ourselves. When we started designing our products we had two things in mind: 
  • to make eco-conscious, environmentally and ethically minded items that will contribute to a greener and happier future for our children
  • to make our products useful, in a way they will ease the child-care routine for the parents and make it a relaxing experience for the babies.

Baby Brush

  • Made from bleach wood and natural goat hair
  • Very lightweight and easy to use, with a cute design
  • The bristles are very dense as they will help you prevent cradle cap and detangle soft baby hair
  • The goat bristles are so soft that you’re baby will start loving having his hair brushed and that will also help in keeping his scalp clean and his hair healthy
It’s a nursery essential that you will love!  ▶ Buy on Amazon

Baby pillow

Sleep… one of the most common topics and worries as new parents. We designed our premium memory foam baby pillow to offer the optimum comfort and support.
  • Safe and comfortable
  • Designed to keep your baby’s head and spine in correct alignment
  • High quality materials: two outer covers in bio cotton and a ventilated and breathable inner cover. All removable and easy to clean
  • Prevents flat head syndrome
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  • ★★★★★ It is good to use during the day to prevent plagiocephaly

    This product fits perfectly into the headspace of the rock and play. lt is good to use during the day to prevent plagiocephaly. Our baby also likes when we put it on the couch and lie him on it next to us. Great product.

    By Amazon Customer
  • ★★★★★ Helpful head pillow

    Has helped my son's form back into the shape it should be. Great buy.

    By Courtney
  • ★★★★★ I Love the Frog Footprints!

    Soft to the skin, beautiful to look at! I love the frog footprints and it fits my hand securely. Thanks for a quality product!

    By etxmouse
  • ★★★★★ Baby's Hairbrush

    Fabulous product. lt is well made and the high quality bristles are soft. Our granddaughter loves to brush her hair first and this I finish it off with a bow.

    By Cape Cod
  • ★★★★★ The package was packed so nicely and it ...

    The package was packed so nicely and it came in a mesh type material Which was nice it's convenient to carry with u. lt's a smooth wood finish brush And it has a cute green deco on the other side. it's small to. Carry in your bag Also can be a nice baby shower gift. The wood is smooth and finished off perfectly. Great little brush cute for a baby. lt's small and convenient to use.the back looks like little foot prints. A great gift idea and cute too.

    By Laurie
  • ★★★★★ Love this brush!

    This brush is beautiful. My 1 O month old let me use it in her hair and didn't even try to grab it from my hands like she does with her plastic brush. lt is safe and gentle on her scalp. The bristles are very soft and the handle is easy to hold.

    By Sara Liger
  • ★★★★★ Comfy

    This feels so comfy. I am pretty sure my baby will love this aside from preventing a flad head. Thank you

    By Whitey