Our Story

Thanks for stopping by and welcome to the Tic Tic Baby family.

This brand is our story as parents, our dream and our home. It all started when, as fresh parents, we were looking for products for our baby boy. Then our passion for design and our love for organic, natural and handmade goods encouraged us to create our own products and this is how this small family business was born.  Tic Tic Baby is fueled by our love for children and our experience and needs as parents. WE KNOW all parents want what is best for their babies, so we carefully choose all our materials and make sure they are organic and ethical. We design our products with the highest care and passion, to be beautiful and functional, timeless pieces that babies and children will love and that you will want to hold on to forever, as a part of their childhood. Oh, and if you are wondering how we came up with this name…it wasn’t us! Tic Tic was one of R.’s first words and in his baby language it means …milk. We wanted to make this brand very personal so we named it after our son’s favorite drink.